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Driving Lessons Drogheda  include pick up and return, all services are privately given, on a one-on-one basis.  

The minimum requirement set by the Road Safety Authority RSA for a Driver’s Training (behind-the-wheel) course is twelve-hours of training. We pick up and drop off our students for most lessons.

Kit can pick you up at home, school, work, or any pre-arranged location in advance. Please have your mobile phone with you if your pick-up is not at home.

Here at DDL Drogheda Driving Lessons  Kit understands that being a parent of a teen wanting driving lessons can be very daunting.  This can be a very challenging task when it comes to teaching them how to drive in a safe manner. This is why so many contact Drogheda Driving Lessons and count on us to teach their teen safe driving habits.

Unfortunately these bad driving habits may surface during your actual test. Thankfully with Kit’s approach, this rarely happens and is all down to taking a Pre-Test Course to maximise your chances to pass first time.

During this mock Pre-Test Course around Dundalk, Kit will go through a simulated driving test with you.  This is a close to an actual test as you are going to get. All nerves and worries will be put to bed. By the end of this Pre-Test, you will be ready to pass first time.

Over the year’s thousands of parents have trusted (DDL) Drogheda Driving Lessons when it comes to having their son or daughter behind-the-wheel.  Kit will not only cover basic driving practices but what is required to pass your driving test first time.

If you’re a new learner permit holder or just a little nervous about a driving test coming up, don’t worry. With years of teaching experience Kit is just the man to keep you calm and relaxed.  So when it’s time your test – drogheda driving lessons will get you ready for that test. And remember here at 1st Choice Driving Lessons Drogheda we have a very high first time pass rateKit

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